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  • SMSF Commercial Lending

    • Residential property

      There is nothing to stop an SMSF from investing in residential property as long as you don’t buy the property from a related party of a member.

      For example, you can’t own the family home through your super fund. Nor can you rent a residential property owned by your SMSF to a fund member, or to their related parties.

      However, you can buy an investment property that you rent to tenants who are not fund members or relatives.

      Commercial property

      You can also hold commercial property, including your own business premises, through your SMSF.

      While the property still needs to meet the sole-purpose test of providing retirement benefits to its members, when dealing with commercial property, an SMSF can generally buy the property and lease it back to a member or a related party of the fund – including the member’s business.

      An arm’s length sale price and lease arrangement is especially important when acquiring and/or leasing property to a member or related party of the fund.

      We recommend that you speak with a financial adviser to help you decide if buying property through your super fund is right for you.