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  • Commercial Loans

    • Commercial property loans between $250,000 and $5,000,000.

      Commitment fee of $1000 is payable on application. Fee is refundable if the loan application is declined or withdrawn prior to issuing a formal letter of offer. 

      Take advantage of a competitive interest rate, with flexible features and no ongoing fees.

      Fixed interest rate for terms of 1-5 years

      Loan term is up to 20 years

      Loan redraw at the end of the fixed term only

      Loan repayment for principal and interest or interest only (maximum period 5 years)

      Paid by direct debit

      Additional payments for lump sums of up to $20,000 per calendar year

      No monthly fees or charges

    • Benefits

      If you require more than $3 million for a commercial property, our specialist team can assist you with experience gained over 25 years in the real estate market.

      Fixed and variable or you can split your loan

      Repayments for principal and interest or interest only

      Loan term is up to 5 years

      Funding options include:

      Progress payments for development and construction projects

      Term loans

      Financing traditional investments in real estate

      Commercial, industrial, retail or residential property